Given the excellence of the area’s natural and cultural heritage, the “Montaña de Riaño” Local Action Group, as the managing body of the LEADERCAL European Programme, has made its general objective that of creating a new development programme, maintaining the population and attracting new inhabitants, attempting to improve the socioeconomic aspect of the lives of the people in the Montaña Oriental region of León Province and Picos de Europa; it will do this by encouraging groups, associations, businesses, and public and private institutions to become involved in the project.

The territory is characterised by a mountainous area in the north (Picos de Europa National and Regional Park, Caza de Riaño Regional Preserve, Mampodre Regional Preserve), and rivers with pure water can be found throughout the entire area that allow for all forms of fishing to be enjoyed, not to mention the great wealth of animals that inhabit these places, including a large variety of birds for birdwatching enthusiasts to enjoy.

Geographical Area