Camino de Santiago

Province of Palencia,

District of Tierra de Campos

Type of route: Circular

Distance: 12.1 miles (there and back)

Degree of difficulty: Low

Duration on foot: 6 hours

Recommended time of year: All year round


This circular route, whose start and end point is located in the town of Villalcazar de Sirga, also crosses the municipal districts of Lomas and Villarmentero. Two of the towns on the tour, Villalcázar de Sirga and Villarmentero, are also on the Camino de Santiago route.

The entire tour passes through a setting of cereal pseudo-steppes in a landscape dominated by horizontality. In this agricultural setting the most important crops are barley, wheat, oats, sunflower and rain-fed alfalfa. Other crops, such as maize and irrigated alfalfa, are grown in the area’s few irrigated areas.

The entire tour is located inside the Special Protection Area for Birds called Camino de Santiago. Another noteworthy fact is that the first part of the tour passes through a livestock trail called Cordel Cerverano, where you can find remnants of natural low-growing vegetation.

The northern part of the tour passes through the copse that runs alongside the River Ucieza, which is dominated by trees such as the black and white poplar, ash and several species of willow. The shrub vegetation is represented by species such as the wild rose, hawthorn, blackberry and European spindle. Amidst the irrigated crops next to the plains alongside the river, you can also find some small family orchards.


The tour is practically flat and so presents minimal difficulty. During the winter or spring months, the paths may be very muddy, making walking difficult, especially if the tracks have been transited by a vehicle.

While this tour can be done all year round, it is especially recommended during spring from late March to late June, which coincides with the reproductive cycle of most of the bird species present in the area.

During winter it is often foggy and very low temperatures are recorded with strong frosts usual for this time of year. Conversely, during the midsummer months of July and August, midday temperatures can get close to 35ºC (95ºF) so it is recommended that you avoid doing the tour between 12 pm and 5 pm.


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