Arroyo del Rebolo

Province of León, District of Bierzo


Type of route: Linear

Distance: 5.6 miles (there and back)

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Duration on foot: 3 hours 30 minutes

Recommended time of year: Spring, summer and autumn



From Arnado, the route starts from the Arroyo Rebolo brook, an old cart path that takes us to the borders of the provinces of León, Orense and Lugo through a unique and incredibly beautiful landscape. The route ascends along the right hand bank of the brook without crossing it or leaving the small valley.

Ash, chestnut, oak, hazlenut, birch and alder trees all grow on the banks of the brook, giving shelter to small birds such as the long-tailed tit, goldcrest, wren and robin. You might also be surprised by a noisy jay or the flight of a bird of prey such as the sparrowhark or buzzard.

The bread oven at the start of the route, the wooden bridges crossing the brook, the fencing in the meadows, the shepherds’ huts, the remains of the mills and the old foundry Val do Rebolo—built in the fifteenth century—are all deserving of special attention.

In Arnado, from the country house Casa de Concello, a typical Bierzo construction, you can awaken to the joyful loud song of sparrows, wagtails and nightingales and fall asleep to the hooting of owls.


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