Type of route Circular

Distance 16.45 km

SECTION I –Carucedo Lake – 6.5 km

SECTION II – Carucedo – Las Médulas – 9.95 km

Degree of difficulty Low

Duration on foot SECTION I –Carucedo Lake – 1½ hours

SECTION II – Carucedo – Las Médulas – 2¾ hrs

Duration by bicycle SECTION I –Carucedo Lake – 30 mins

SECTION II – Carucedo – Las Médulas – 1 hour

Recommended time of year All year


This route takes the visitor around the municipality of Carucedo, in el Bierzo, to the North-west of the Montes Aquilanos and near the valley of the River Sil. It is part of the protected Natural Monument of ‘Las Médulas’, a status declared for its landscape modelled by mankind since Roman times.

The route starts in the Casa del Parque de Las Médulas, in Carucedo, beside the lake of the same name. From this point, there are two alternatives. The first goes round the two lakes of the Carucedo Lake (the Upper Lake & the Lower Lake) and goes as far as the Campañana Dam. This itinerary gives views of some very impressive examples of Sweet Chestnut, and passes through rich riverine and lacustrine ecosystems, where one can observe birds associated with these environments, such as Coots, Great Crested Grebes, and small riverside birds.

 The alternative route goes to the village of Las Médulas, along a comfortable track between Holm Oak woods dotted with Sweet Chestnut, Arbutus, and Wild Roses, where one can observe birds such as Typical Warblers, Leaf Warblers, as well as larger birds such as Northern Goshawks, Eurasian Sparrowhawks, and Kites.


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