Type of route Linear

Distance 7.9 km

Degree of difficulty Medium. In the final part the undergrowth makes the path difficult, but it does not prevent passing.

Duration on foot 3 hours

Duration by bicycle 25 mins (only the first half is passable) + 50% on foot

Recommended time of year All Year


The route climbs up one of the barrancos which lead down to the enclosed, winding River Jalón as it passes through the steepest part of the Tierra de Medinaceli, before flowing on to the more open lands of Arcos de Jalón.

 From the picturesque, historical village of Somaén, situated on a small, rocky spur above one of the meanders in the River Jalón, we climb the course of the Salobral de Avenales stream until we reach the isolated and uninhabited hamlet of Avenales, its remains stand as silent witnesses to the rural life of the past, along with its fountain.

 The route continues along the GR 86.4, firstly on a wide track, which then narrows before becoming a path near the half-abandoned small-holdings on the fertile river plain. There is a very interesting contrast between the river banks; which are home to a variety of birdlife, such as Dippers, and Grey Wagtails; and the rocky slopes, where one can see rock-nesting species, such as the Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle; Peregrine Falcon, Blue Rock Thrush or Black Redstart.


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