The Association for the Development of the Western Area of Salamanca (AZEDOS, from its Spanish acronym) is a non-profit organisation that attempts to serve as a nucleus of convergence and representation to individuals, entities and other actors interested in the overall development of the western area of Salamanca, moving towards rural development in the individual regions that make up the area, with the objective of improving the possibilities of development in rural areas by supporting local initiatives and taking an integral approach.

The Tierras del Oeste Salamantino (Lands of Western Salamanca) extend until reaching the border with Portugal, comprising the regions of Tierra de Vitigudino, Las Arribes del Duero, el Abadengo, la Ramajería and Tierra de Ledesma. The fact that the people living here maintain a traditional way of life makes it easier to respect the environment and the excellent conservation of the area, which allows this spectacular region to be enjoyed together with valuable archaeological remains.

Part of the Parque Natural de Arribes del Duero (Arribes del Duero Nature Preserve) is located inside this territory, and it is one of the largest protected areas in all of Europe, in addition to having been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds and a Place of Community Interest.

Geographical Area